Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Follow-up, Runner- up, Looking- up

Hi there, it has been a while, but a lot can happen in a while, which is a very good thing! We ended up winning runner-up for our 1950's window display back at the beginning of the month, there actually was no designated second place, but they had thought we deserved a prize, so the town bought the shop a 5x7 add in the town paper! Yippee, I was so excited, and they took some beautiful pictures of us!
Next on the list were our blurbs, a few in the town paper, and even one in the business paper! So we are out there, people are hearing about us, and they are trickling in one by one. I am feeling a challenge though with being located on a side street, people need a reason to look down my little street, it is a wonderful street, I like to call it a diamond in the rough, we have a lot to offer on Murray Street (Amherstburg, On, Canada). Near the corners of the street you have Star Molly, a cute little boutique, that makes me feel like I am in the 60's, and I love it, Liz sells bath bombs she hand makes with essential oils, their wonderful scents fills her shop and makes her clothes smell like you're shopping in Pamela Courson's boutique, Themis. She also sells discounted designer clothing, jewelry and purses. On the other corner you have Scrapbook Towne, she also has a great little shop, and I love shopping there! Next door to Judy at Scrapbook Towne is another great, and very unique shop, called Teen's Tropical Treats, Tina sells the yummiest smoothies, peach is my favorite! Next door to her shop she also runs an arcade! Also on our diamond in the rough you'll find Rosa's Pizza, so good! Car parts, computer games, hair salons, and opening Moe's Smokehouse, I've pressed my face against the glass to get a closer look, and I am amazed, Moe has done some amazing architect work to the restaurant I cannot wait to have a dinner there! So there you have I hope you will come and visit our little street, we really do have a lot to offer, and be sure to bring Cash, "in God we trust, all others pay cash."