Monday, September 20, 2010

I am Sorry I can't Help My Self; It Runs in the Family!

As much as I love the hunt of all things old and unique I started to wonder really how long I have been at it for, and I actually surprised my self!

Being brought up in a single parent home for most of my life money was never plentiful, but my amazing mother always managed to look beautiful, dressed us cute as buttons and made our home a palace with her great taste and hawk eye for a great find! (Photos are of my parents home during the 1980's, so glad we did not own a pastel swirl couch, haha!) So literally I have been a thrift store junkie since I could walk! She would send me on a search and I'd get lost in those musty smelling stores all day, once bored of hunting, my brother, sister and I would chase each other weaving in and out of the fur coat racks, or search coat pockets for goodies, I have found hundreds of dollars over the years!

As I grew older and entered high school I longed for anything polyester, fuzzy, tie-died and distressed, so once again the thrift stores called my name. It wasn't long before I was a high school grad with dreams of moving to the big city of Windsor, On (from our small country town) and working at the holy grail of thrift stores~ Value Village, or for my American friends~ Savers. I worked there for several years, as a sales associate, sorter and pricer. I loved opening a fresh box of goodies; board games from the 50's, antique jewelry, mint condition antique Barbies~ to die for :) depression glass, milk glass, jade lite, I would run to my supervisor with a huge grin full of anticipation excited to find out what the treasure I found was worth. Even though I rarely got to keep my treasures it gave me so much pleasure to know these items would be purchased by a customer who would treat it like a trophy of their own and it would go on seeing the light of day for yet another generation.

To this day as I look around nearly everything we poses have come from a thrift store, yard sale, flea market, or consignment boutiques. I believe in quantity and quality and that in life it IS possible to have both and not break your bank! Also shopping at my little shop~ White Willow Cottage Shop offers you both too :)
White Willow Cottage Shop
71 Murray Street
Amherstburg, On

All pictures belong to White Willow Cottage Shop, and do not permit other usage.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Something old, something new, something blue

Thought I would share something kinda neat, pulling up to the shop last week I spotted two men, an elderly man and his son taking photo's outside of my shop, they presented me with a photo of what White Willow Cottage Shop looked like during the 1930's the elderly man is present in the photograph as the child on a bicycle, I was thrilled! Here also is a photo of what my little shop looks like today!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Follow-up, Runner- up, Looking- up

Hi there, it has been a while, but a lot can happen in a while, which is a very good thing! We ended up winning runner-up for our 1950's window display back at the beginning of the month, there actually was no designated second place, but they had thought we deserved a prize, so the town bought the shop a 5x7 add in the town paper! Yippee, I was so excited, and they took some beautiful pictures of us!
Next on the list were our blurbs, a few in the town paper, and even one in the business paper! So we are out there, people are hearing about us, and they are trickling in one by one. I am feeling a challenge though with being located on a side street, people need a reason to look down my little street, it is a wonderful street, I like to call it a diamond in the rough, we have a lot to offer on Murray Street (Amherstburg, On, Canada). Near the corners of the street you have Star Molly, a cute little boutique, that makes me feel like I am in the 60's, and I love it, Liz sells bath bombs she hand makes with essential oils, their wonderful scents fills her shop and makes her clothes smell like you're shopping in Pamela Courson's boutique, Themis. She also sells discounted designer clothing, jewelry and purses. On the other corner you have Scrapbook Towne, she also has a great little shop, and I love shopping there! Next door to Judy at Scrapbook Towne is another great, and very unique shop, called Teen's Tropical Treats, Tina sells the yummiest smoothies, peach is my favorite! Next door to her shop she also runs an arcade! Also on our diamond in the rough you'll find Rosa's Pizza, so good! Car parts, computer games, hair salons, and opening Moe's Smokehouse, I've pressed my face against the glass to get a closer look, and I am amazed, Moe has done some amazing architect work to the restaurant I cannot wait to have a dinner there! So there you have I hope you will come and visit our little street, we really do have a lot to offer, and be sure to bring Cash, "in God we trust, all others pay cash."

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oh my 50's

I know there are not many people out there reading my blog yet, but there is something coming up that I couldn't let pass by with out commenting on, Paul's Sock Hop, in memory of Amherstburg town Councillor, Paul Renaud, who organized Amherstburg's fist car show. As business owners we were asked to pay tribute by transforming our shop to the 1950's, on August 1st for a chance to win a 1/2 page add. Being a new business this excites me, free advertisement, yippie! Another thing I really love, and find interesting beyond belief, is era decor, I find it a challenge, treasure hunting for goods of eras passed. I didn't know much about 50's decor before this so a challenge it has been! As a teenager I had a love of all things 60's and 70's, my taste making my parents ill. I loved the cheery prints of a happy flower, the brown swirls in a mushroom, and the straight lines of the furniture. I even carried it into my closet, preferring to wear polyester and cords, I was eccentric I am sure.
Exploring the 50's has been fun, and I'd like to share what I have found:
-I really enjoy the fashion, how complimenting to form the dresses are
-I will always from now on wear an apron
-I need to entertain more
-Entertaining is an art form
-50's kitchen are FABULOUS
-How fun it would be to do a room in 50's
Images are borrowed from google.

Monday, July 26, 2010

What's in Store

Thought I would add a few photos of what I currently have in the shop for sale.

(We are Currently CASH ONLY and all sales are final and as is.)

The Shop is Now Open

Somewhere along the way renovating my cottage on Lake Erie I came to find how much I really loved the cottage/ country life, always being a country gal (exempting my early twenty where I thought so desperately I needed the city air to guide my young wings), I never gave it much of a second thought, until I married a city boy, (who I might add I turned). Simple things make me smile, an old canning jar filled with daises, a rusty bucket filled with treasures from the beach, dirty knees from pulling weeds, and grilled pizza from the BBQ.

With all of the things I love in mind, a paint brush, some white paint and the love, support and labour of my family we got to work, and with in a couple of months my dream came alive. I am now, along with my amazing husband the owner of White Willow Cottage Shop! White Willow is nestled between two black detailed columns, on a lovely old street on the shores of historical Amherstburg, Ontario, with in walking distance of many other lovely shops and Fort Malden. We are loving our home at 71 Murray Street, the locals and customers have been so kind with well wishes, and kind words. I get so excited to hear how much the next person love white as much as me. It warms my heart to no end when someone purchases something I have laboured over for hours. I hope they will keep coming back and be happier then the last time!

At White Willow Cottage Shop you will find a mix of things previously loved, new and handmade:

-furniture, white and slightly distressed


-kitchen wares


-gifts and more!

We hope you will stop in to say !

71 Murray Street

Amherstburg, On

N9V 1H6


Tues/Wed- By Chance or Appointment

Thurs/Fri/Sat- 11-5

Sunday- 12-4

We are Currently CASH ONLY.