Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oh my 50's

I know there are not many people out there reading my blog yet, but there is something coming up that I couldn't let pass by with out commenting on, Paul's Sock Hop, in memory of Amherstburg town Councillor, Paul Renaud, who organized Amherstburg's fist car show. As business owners we were asked to pay tribute by transforming our shop to the 1950's, on August 1st for a chance to win a 1/2 page add. Being a new business this excites me, free advertisement, yippie! Another thing I really love, and find interesting beyond belief, is era decor, I find it a challenge, treasure hunting for goods of eras passed. I didn't know much about 50's decor before this so a challenge it has been! As a teenager I had a love of all things 60's and 70's, my taste making my parents ill. I loved the cheery prints of a happy flower, the brown swirls in a mushroom, and the straight lines of the furniture. I even carried it into my closet, preferring to wear polyester and cords, I was eccentric I am sure.
Exploring the 50's has been fun, and I'd like to share what I have found:
-I really enjoy the fashion, how complimenting to form the dresses are
-I will always from now on wear an apron
-I need to entertain more
-Entertaining is an art form
-50's kitchen are FABULOUS
-How fun it would be to do a room in 50's
Images are borrowed from google.

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